Hi, and welcome to www.ethetton.name!

We are in the process of setting up this site, which we hope will eventually become a destination for information on and for members of the Ethetton family.

Is your last name "Ethetton"?  We'd like to offer you a free email address, for your own!  Contact Mike (@ethetton.name, of course) for more details.

While we are organizing things, I'd still invite you to take a look around.

For genealogy information on the Cade, Howard (and soon, Ethetton) names, go to: http://www.ethetton.name/phpGedView This genealogy database will include hundreds of pictures, and thousands of special dates when completed.  My mom, Peggy, will be coordinating this research.  I for one am pretty excited about it!

For the online Photo Gallery, go to http://www.ethetton.name/gallery/ Right now we just have pictures of my daughter Elizabeth, and picutre she has taken.  If you would like your own folder in the photo gallery to store pictures of your family, contact me (Mike) for more info.

In addition, we have a lovely Victorian home in Richmond, Missouri which we will be placing on the market in the near future. You can view pictures of our house here.


Check back in a month or two to find out some of the exciting new additions we are planning!